Lord of The rings ORPG

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Mar 26, 2010
I have a idea for a ORPG map so before few years i played def4nc3 ORPG
so i would like to make a Lord of the rings ORPG so it has a lot of characters a lot of battles and dungs and it got races so it would be cool to make Lord of the rings ORPG now a lot of ppl still plays def4nc3 and a lot of ppl have stopped to play def4nc3 that is clue that this map will be very suscessful

Here is the concept of the map :

4 Taverns: Human tavern

Elf Tavern

Dwarf Tavern

Mordor Tavern

Orc Tavern


2 Taverns : Mordor Tavern

Gondor Tavern

Elf Tavern

Dwarf Tavern

Dungeons : Moria: Goblins

More Goblins & Big Goblins

Big Goblins

Boss: Balrog

Mines of Iengard: Orcs

More Orcs & few Mini Boss orcs

A LOOOT of orcs


Paths of the Dead:Oathbreakers

Well equipped Oathbreakers

King of the Dead( i don't should we make him a
character and dung boss

"Assaults": (Defending or Attacking a Fort):(i m too lazy too write ho will be in Assaults so i will just write their names you can make your suggestion for that)

Minas thirith: (Defending)

Pellenor FIelds: (Just charging on enemies)


Black Gates:(Assaulting)

and there will be more

There will be 5 lvl of items Wooden,Steel,Platinum,Mithril,Magic




:Magic:70+Dungs only

I will now write few characters (not all of them is from movie but they appear in the book or Lotr trading card game)

Aragorn,Leoglas;Eowyn,Galadriel,Gimli,Saruman,Witch King,Elrond,Lurtz,Ugluk,Gorbag,Shagrat,Celeborn...And that is not Nearly all

so We would need 2 good guys that know about trigggers 1 more skin guy,and hopefully a 3d modeler

and yeah i do researching and i do skins
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Feb 15, 2008

dude im started on lotr project to. Im currently doing 3 maps.

hero arena
and this RPG lotr. I mae whole map with terrain deleted it choosed to remake terrain. I will make this exactualyl as Lotro online. I promisse i have some skillz.

I allread have systems. Just gona import them. Pretty simple. Im not expert at triggers but i know some basic and can import. Then i ask the pros for help about leaks and stuff.

But i think i wont have time rigth now for the lotr project and wana do my own RPG. Ofc you can join. But i want special. No wierd RPG. And 2 teams. Then im gona use cam system and arrow system. Many more systems.


Terrain looks bad. I first used blizz cliffs removed them its wy he coplained- But it still looks bad so im remakign whole thing. And the skins where uggly i mae them to :S

Did you start it will be to much for me but i can help you implant the systems if i have time. And mybe some spells. I wont implant 100 spells though. But for example 5-10 spells is ok and 1-5 systems.

I have understandings because i know its hard understand as newb. I also started on a lotR map cleaned whole map. So now its just raise the cliff levels. I can send large map with alot of stuff implanted. Its totaly clean with water so you just can raise cliffs in the water and build with no blizz cliffs if you want the template so tell me.

Can implant movement system and arrow system and more if you want. Also prob tavern system.

Think i posted in wrong this aint lotr right? (But here should be right topic)

But one question what will you do?
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Mar 26, 2010
i like your map i dont know idd i see god but i think that is a (gta like) cam i woukd like to join you i seen that you are looking for a skinner vell thats my specialty i can do some terrain too i know how to add char and edit ther hps and magics and change their icons and all that kind of stuff .and i can ask ppl for rights to use their models i can inport them as vell i can even edit texures of terrain like put blood on ice or something like that but i would need skin of that ice then

i really like idea for that fps like cam for orpg
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