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Looking for high resolution tilesets

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Apr 21, 2007
I've decided to use the world editor to create encounter maps for Dungeons and Dragons and I'd like to get better textures for the tiles (and everything else really, but for all the other things I at least know where to look).

Anyway, are there any high resolution tilesets (and even better a high resolution Ultimate Terraining Map (other than the high-res doodad pack on wc3c))? I'm looking currently for snow tiles in particular.
Generally the best resource for high quality tiles is WoW. While they are set-up differently, the tiles are already made to be seamless and you can easily get loads of tiles for different environments. You have to make some changes for it to be a valid tile for wc3, but if you know how, it is pretty easy.

As for ones that currently exist, you may want to check out Toby's "Ironforge Mountain" map, which features tiles from Dun Morogh:
I've got TONS!! I can link them all once i get home, they are all super high quality 256*512 tilesets with variations.

EDIT: Alright, here we go. First of all, i posted a number of textures in this post, where in turn you will find another link, in which i uploaded even more tiles (image included). There is a snow texture among them which is a bit more realistic than the ingame one. The DirtRough texture is also really nice.

Apart from those, i also have some i made recently, which i am attaching to this post. They are not all of the same style - "GrassBrightSaturated" and "SandCoarse" are of a brighter, more saturated style and are meant to go together. Anyone has my permission to adjust the brightness, hue and saturation (or anything else) of these textures to fit with eachother and/or any other tiles you are using (and i strongly recommend you to do so).

I've got more on the way, will upload them within the coming days.


  • ForestMoss.blp
    137.3 KB · Views: 183
  • MuddyDirt.blp
    102.1 KB · Views: 160
  • SandCoarse.blp
    144.4 KB · Views: 174
  • GrassBrightSaturated.blp
    153.6 KB · Views: 178
  • BasicGrass.blp
    108.7 KB · Views: 239
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Fingolfin, have I told you I love you? If not, I LOVE YOU :D. I'll put some of these new one in use immediately.

EDIT: I totally forgot, let me also hand over some of my own tiles. Not as good as Fingolfin's but I'm getting better at cobblestone ^^ The larger one is 512x512 but if you need a compressed version, just tell me.


  • CobblestoneGrey.blp
    683.8 KB · Views: 161
  • BICobbleVer2.blp
    171.8 KB · Views: 170
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