Looking for experts like you!

Level 3
Jun 9, 2009

My Project:

Its a remake of Team Fortress 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynrF2es08ds&feature=related)

I've also a primary sketch of it in w3x(3MB), ask if you want it

As Player:

Players: [5X Player + 1 Computer] each Team
-> there must bots be added otherwise it would be boring for noobs
-> the bots should not be creeps, I prefer if they are randomly select of the
classes, and 5X bots per team would be enough, but the players can
decide how much of them should be added

- choose wether you take part in the RED or the BLUE Team
- select one of nine classes(Pyro, Medic, Heavy,...)
- you can always change your class during the game
- TEAM WORK is necessary to win
- Each class has its own abilitys(see in video)
- but you can also get items specific for your class in shops
- there should be also items that could only be activated in groups of players
- the game is without leveling
- everyone has the same chance to kill enemy players independent from time
-> your personal skills adjudicate on your success

Victory/Defeat Conditions

- 3 different game modes(Payload, Capture the Flag, Capture Points)
- timer finishes rounds
- no sensless killing each other, more dominance/revenge, teamplay tactics


- should have a huge size, because of the different game modes
- must be divided in different zones due to the different rounds :)
- there must be two bases for the teams that can only be entered
by the concerning team itself

My lacks:

- I have got a sufficient knowledge of the map-editor including triggers, creating unit/spells/..., terraining,..., standart functions
- But my main problem is that I'm not very good in jass at all
- And it wont take as much time for me if I found some people more who help

In my opinion this projection would be worth to be completed it but it need help urgent

So if you have the same opinion like me please do not hesitate to contact me

If you think this project is total shit or something else, pls tell me