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Looking for a Terrainer

Level 1
Jun 23, 2008
I've been remaking a game that is little played but still played and I enjoy it. I've already basically remade all the triggers (deleted original and remade in JASS) and done a few minor edits.

I do plan to make some major changes but have yet to. Just seeing if I can get a terrainer on board.

Basically what I want is it to look better and a lot less boring. Game playability, of course, is a lot more important to me so I would ask that no one try to use path-blocking doodads. I would be pretty fine with the terrain being completely reformed (away from the generic boxes and such, except for the very center, in which I want the stone and basic fences (can be changed, but the blocking needs to be the same)).

I would personally think it be best for someone who doesn't actually play the game to do the terrain. I just say this because people who have tried to redo the terrain tends to make it extremity abusive and jumpy (building on yourself is a major technique, as is using mirror images to jump).

The most I would be willing to do is make a repetitive display message or permanent floating text (not in the center). Not even my name is displayed in-game (it's on the Author's box, but that's all).

Thanks if someone is willing to help. It doesn't need to be all fancy. If it doesn't happen I'd be likely to do it, and my terraining is horrible (I did a few years ago, of which were bad, and haven't touched it in a long time).

Edit: Forgot the map, lawl.

Edit 2: Also forgot to say, the map WILL be open to anyone who wishes to edit it. I'll only release optimized (thus protected) maps, but if anyone asks for it I'll give them an unprotected copy. This means any proof that you actually did it will be gone (well, at least from inside the map).


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