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Log Cabin Kit

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Level 10
Feb 19, 2006
I found this really cool log house building kit at wc3c:

Its a cool cabin building system where the roofs come off when you enter the houses. However, the map no longer works, I'm assuming this is due to the recent warcraft 3 tft patches. I am sure lots of people would use this if it was working again.

Can anyone here look into this map and see if they can fix whatever it is that is causing it not to work? (I would do it myself but i am no good with JASS.)


  • log house kit by xXm0RpH3usXx.w3x
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Deleted member 177737

There were a few people that were able to fix up maps like that that were broken during one of the old patches, my best guess would be to ask Pharoh (He/She is like the triggering god.)
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