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Locust acting weird (glitchy movement)

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I add locust to the unit in my projectile system, and set movement type to float, because the map is going to have different height levels and occasional fight near the bay, so it looks and works nice coupled with the parabolic function, but the problem is that when I spawn projectiles, they move my hero a bit, because they seem to obstruct the pathing, although all projectiles have locust, disabled pathing, and collision size of 0. There's no point in posting the script as the script is obviously not the problem, as this happens even if I simply create the projectile on top of the unit, or even near it. Locust and crow form are added in object data, the only solution I've seen so far is setting movement type to fly, which fucks up height calculations of parabola function, and those are not just eyecandy here, since I actually use different missile heights in gameplay. Any clues?
Oh and I recommend using the following functions to move the hero
  • Custom script: call SetUnitX( udg_Unit, GetLocationX(udg_Point) )
  • Custom script: call SetUnitY( udg_Unit, GetLocationY(udg_Point) )
This way the hero is forced to the location and it doesn't lose it's current order/action, which will happen with the regular GUI instant move function.
Anitarf@Wc3c said:
The only situations I know of where locust doesn't work as it normally does is in combinations with chaos morphing or hiding units. The [thread=81742]WC3 Ability Guide[/thread] explains this in more detail. I have used one of the exceptions listed there in my [thread=104322]Glacial Wall[/thread] spell. Try copying and using the [thread=101150]xe dummy unit[/thread] instead of your unit to confirm that the problem is with the unit and not your triggers.
Anitarf solved this problem, I thought it was not script related but apparently it is.
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