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Living Crypt Lord

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
I can t believe nobody made this yet.

Living Crypt Lord (Texture)

Level 3
Oct 9, 2020
Oh wow i love this! Looks amazing, I used the import path of Textures\HeroCryptLord.blp because I was unsure what was meant in your readme file. It reads
so I didn't know if this skin worked for a nerubian model too? Or if I was possibly just reading a typo? Either way, love the skin!! <3
Cool skins, would you be able to expand the description a little bit on them? Give some details such as the amount of free-hand, CnP etc. :)

EDIT 07/03/2024: I've had a look at the texture and notice the free-hand bits on the carapace, I'm going to hold off on moderating just now because I think you could improve them a little bit, it looks a little blurry and not well defined.
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