Light Priestess (Reforged)

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This model has been removed four months ago and now it is officially a skin for now...

An advanced variant of the High/Blood Elf Sorceress.

Light Priestesses are healing support of the Republic, they heal injured units without the use of mana. Can also learn Healing Wave and Inner Fire.

Having studied the art of healing and holiness, Saint Rafaela of Telamon learned that these priestesses are pure in heart and not to be corrupted whatsoever. Years have passed, the Republic sent these majestic priestesses into battle, tending wounds and giving endless heals to nearby troops. Though they are fragile and vulnerable, they are the lifesavers of the Republic armed forces.

The icon is now improved.

Light Priestess Hair Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Light Priestess Icon (Reforged) (Icon)

Light Priestess Main Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Light Priestess Main ORM (Reforged) (Texture)