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Le Seigneur des anneaux

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is a lotr map about the war of the ring. It's just like a risk. But there are differences : you choose your race : rohann, gondor, etc

3 units for each : footmen kill archers who kill knights who kill footmen.
The gameplay is simple.

There are fortress just like Minas Tirith easily defendable and who give more income.

I have done a real effort on the terrain

screens :

I'm going to add many screens

Credits to : Florianlenecro

lotr, Lord, Ring, Gollum, gondor, rohan, harad, middle earth

Le Seigneur des anneaux (Map)

15:32, 7th Apr 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Please know that only English maps are allowed. This means in-game as well.
Level 6
Jan 31, 2014
Use hidden=Screen shots (screen shots) /hidden , because that way its more organized , and your page looks better, also try to put colors . You can see all the colors and how to put them by just writing on google ( or other search engines) BB codes , colors . Or just look above for a link ( When changing your description there is a green button (Try reading this tutorial) and there will be every thing how to do that stuff)
Also write why people should play your map , like what its different then others and what magical tricks it contains that will make me or others as players or testers to choose your map.

Also I tried your map , and for terrain , I will disappoint you there , its to empty . To much empty spaces , only one sometimes two titles dominating the map its the grass and dirt , try mixing them up or add different tittles of grass , so it wont look so plain .
Walls and buildings needs to be lowered . You can do that by clicking on the building and pressing Ctrl+Page Down to lower and to rise them its Ctrl+Page Up.
Cliffs looks strange , make them little taller and give them sharper edges. Also I looked at your map from creator , I see what takes so much doodles , its the pathing blockers .Instead of those small ones use bigger ones , they take x4 times the space then smaller ones.
Now about the trees , put them in circles instead of squares . It don't look so natural.
Also when taking screen shots from the editor press "I" key so you could take pictures without purple blocks.

Now with gameplay , I kinda like it . Cant say much about it .

Anyway keep trying , every must start from somewhere.
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Level 8
Sep 14, 2012
Listen what Justas said abouth the terrain its look not natural but like the MSDos game, but I like how the Moria, Minas Tirith and Erebor look like, keep working on this!
And abouth units I like your use of costume models just add shadows they didnt have ...
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
1- Translate the name of the map in English, only this language is allowed
2- Your description includes screenshots but it is not informative enough. Some extra details about how the gameplay develops and how exactly the game works should be enough. Don't just say that the gameplay is simple and that this kills that. Those are too plain information which do not attract people to download your map as they cannot fully deduce how the map is going to be
3- From those screenshots you posted, I have some comments on the terrain. I can clearly see that most of the terrain is empty and lacking of tile variation. Then, the use of cliffs really ruins the aspect itself of the terrain. I can see in the 4th screenshots those "pyramid"-like raisings. It's really unnatural to have some sharp-pointed raising so just use the Smooth tool to "naturalize" them (I wonder if this verb even exists...)