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Lasers & Rockets TD v. 1.01

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Lasers & Rockets TD v. 1.01 (Map)

Level 16
Oct 30, 2004
-37 totally unique towers, each different and with its own special abilities
-40 levels of challenging creeps that include ground, air and new DOUBLE levels
-Interesting terrain that allows stradegic building of towers, location of towers is the key to victory
-Small minigame in the middle of the map with the opportunity to win gold (not easy)
-Maximum of 10 players each playing their own game (this is a solo td)
-Music selection from 6 songs
-New fresh innovative towers that u havent seen before
-Balanced gameplay, there are multiple build orders which lead to victory! Experiment!
-Totally bug free map (dont know how i pulled that off :D)

Map is created by: Mini-Me @Northern realm

v.1.01 brings cosmetic changes and slight balances.
Level 1
Aug 26, 2008
A good and interesting map.
Hard though, as you really need to race up the tech curve as quick as possible.

Hints for minigame:

Go thru the different 4 doors until they are lined up as

1 2

Then, you have a chance of figuring stuff out. Otherwise its all screwed up and you teleport different places even when doing the same movements!

His hints eventually make sense, but NOT until you line the initial doors up!