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Kodo Tag Twisted v1.06


Kodo Tag Twisted v1.06 (Map)

Level 12
Mar 28, 2005
If you havent played one before, they are very fun!!

This one is 10x better then any before, and for many reasons.

*Brand new lush terrain, started from scratch on it and I'm very proud of it, like nothing you have ever seen in a kodo tag, I think this adds a lot to the luster of the map!

*New multiboard and game counter, see how many kodos you have killed, how many times you have died, and how many ppl you have saved from jail, and how long until you win!

*4 game lengths (15, 25, 35, 45 minutes) and 4 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane)

*Classic Kodo towers and builders, with 1 new builder(elementalist) who builds 5 brand new towers each with custom abilities, and a new upgrade building where you can upgrade the armor, hp, and speed of your units and buildings, as well as 3 new custom mercenaries( 2 with custum skins and 1 with a custom model in its spell) and a item shop to purchase them items at, each mercenary has a custom mutliinstanceable spell

*No more pesky server splits and no memory leaks at all, this map runs smooth as silk

*Custom minimap image

*Took out friendly fire, no more ppl going around and killing your guys, only you can do it

*descriptions on untis are much better, and there are no spelling errors(that I know of)

*This is just the start, and no where near finished, but very playable, I plan on adding much more to it over the next few weeks

Test, tell me what you think, give me ideas. bugs, etc.

and plz host on bnet, try and get ppl to play, it is very Fun!
Level 3
Jul 31, 2005
I liked your map a lot, especially the terrain was really nice! A job well done imho.

If you ever need a place on the web for your map feel free to contact me and we'll work something out.

EDIT: I've played your map some more now and I've noticed a couple of problems.

First of all, the map is way too easy. I've played it several times on hard and insane and never lost or died.
You need to look over the hot keys for the buildings since some buildings use the same hot key.
The upgrade in the upgrade center for "attacking" should do something for the towers too, not only the units.
There is a crossing over a river on the bottom of the map that you can't walk over, it looks like you're meant to be able to do it but you can't.

Still a nice mod of an old map though, I love the terrain ;>

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