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Last Activity:
Dec 26, 2013
Mar 28, 2005

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Hulk Smash, from MD

emjlr3 was last seen:
Dec 26, 2013
    1. Kyrbi0
      You are so awexome.

      Just finished AMoL a few weeks ago, and still reeling. What a great series.
    2. Daelin
      why so? I find it hasn't lost its awesomeness
    3. Daelin
      Well then, I guess I... rematerialized... or something :))
    4. Daelin
      Impossible...how can I not exist? :o
    5. Daelin
    6. mateuspv
      Hi emjlr3
      did I see that you helped to do the map "element TD" in the code part,.
      you know where I can find the person that organized the project?
    7. febetu16
      Hello friend, estubo watching some of your post, and I called the attention of the post gives spells, good skills, I was wondering, maybe you can help me friend, I am learning to use everything in GUI and it might be very amagle some maps to help me with some spells of tutorials provides, I would like the Macropyre, ice path please help me, Thank you for your attention friend, sorry for the English, I'm from peru and not mastered very well: P
    8. emjlr3
      its just the attachment system - it uses the old H2I, which doesn't work anymore

      a simple change from H2I to GetHandleId will do the trick.
    9. RakEnRoL
      Hello, I'm also wondering. I saw your spells on wc3c and they doesn't work in the latest version. Is there a way to change that?
    10. RakEnRoL
      I can get the warstomp and bash to work. But I'm having trouble with the shockwave. And of course, I like your code. There is a GUI one but I prefer jass and yours doesn't need any system and such.
    11. RakEnRoL
      Hello, I saw your orbital and boomerang spell. Yet, I also found that the tauren on the map has its own custom spells. Those are the ones that I would like to import to my map, however, I can't warstomp and shockwave to work.

      Can you help me?
    12. Pharaoh_
      Excuse me for the wrong award kind, I am really tired at the moment, but I knew I had to spread the awards.
      I will ask another moderator to add an extra 15 points to you and add the message of second place.

      I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience and I promise you that it will be solved really soon.
    13. Magtheridon96
      Adiktuz actually smashed everyone in the field of coding :P
      He deducted points for some people because they didnt use module initializers >.<
      TriggerSleepAction is ok for Single-Player maps, but accepting it would mean that I'd have to ignore Waits in GUI :/ (Which felt wrong >.<)

      I'm actually not so sure about the speed difference between local and global declaration, but global declaration actually doesnt matter since it's done during the very first phase of map initialization :P
    14. Magtheridon96
      You know, you did very well in the coding field for Hero Contest #4 :)
      The only thing involving efficiency that I found debatable was your use of global variables in the Blizzard.j file instead of locals.

      Globals are only theoretically faster than locals, but in practical use, they're as slow as hell :P

      But, I couldn't deduct points for that because Troll-Brain released his benchmarks 2 days AFTER I finished judging your entry ;) (Pretty lucky ey? :P)
    15. emjlr3
      Secretly I am the Hulk
    16. Magtheridon96
      Your strange interest in The Hulk amuses me :P
      Probably because his initials are TH =p
    17. Neon-Blue
      Can you make Wild Axes and Primal Roar for me?
      I could really use those two.

      If its okay, I would also like to request Charge of Darkness, Greater Bash, and Nether Strike.
    18. DotAdick
      Hey...! do you make DotA spells...?
      I'm having a lot of problems, I would like to ask if you can create a spell like purification of omniknight of DotA, just for a guide.
    19. IAteYourCookie
      emjir3 i would like to upload your spells for dota on WarCraft Unlimited :: Home would you give me your permission to do so?
    20. Fire and Ice
      Fire and Ice
      I'm trying to make a map with some edited dota spells and i'm having a problem recreating Jakiro's Ice Path. Could you please help me? If you would, post the trigger on my profile page as a visitor message or send it to my email at 14fire8and4ice19@gmail.com. Thank you so much.
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    US East
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    Lifting, Eating, Sporting



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