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Simple knight model. Made combining both footman's and pack horse's animations.
It fits nicely with the in game knight model.

Enjoy and give credits! :)

Update: Added some alternate animations.

Knight (Model)

Knight_Portrait (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section.
Level 24
Sep 17, 2010
Dude, this is like, the best knight model ever made, great remake of the knight model, excellent for a Lordaeron army, great animations btw! hope you can add in the future some spell or attacks animations in wich he uses his lance too, 5/5



Level 12
Nov 7, 2014
It looks like a newly-upgraded version of the default knight, but at the same time, the model seems different and unique when you place them together. Nice
Level 12
Nov 12, 2016
And here was i thinking this would be what i thought,

good job with the model man its really nice and i mean it,

~~however there is no attack animation with the large lance the original knight does not have that ether and dispite the model looks really nice i was hoping for someone anyone to make a knight with attack animation that includes the large lance aswell,
like why are they even taking one if they wont use it, the original knight model atleast had a small flag on it which kinda makes smn say hey mb its only for show,~~

Boop, i noticed the update to include the lance attack animation :D
changing my post to reflect the change, might be late though, not sure when did you update it. but good job.
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Level 1
Apr 25, 2018
As most are saying, this is a great model and the lack of lance attack animation is a bit sad. Though overall no less than 4/5. Also apparently i have to leave a commend in order to rate.
Level 10
Jun 11, 2004
This is almost an amazing model. There are a couple things holding it back for me:

- He has this huge, cool lance that he never uses in any of the animations.
- The knight looks a bit awkward in the run animation. Maybe he could be pointing his lance forward or holding his sword-arm out horizontally instead of tucked in, or both
- The file size. This is a minor point, but Knight models need to be really good to be included in any project, since there is already a quality Knight model available by default. File size is a big part of this, at least for me.

Some things I really like:
- I love the tail
- The horse animations are fantastic, especially the run and walk.
- Better use of team color than a lot of other Knight models. It's easy to get carried away and make a fully-silver model with minimal team color.
- I like the portrait
- Overall quality of the mesh is great

If some or all of the things I mentioned were fixed, it would be a snap-include in any map that wants cool looking Knights. I was close to using this in my own project, but the combination of issues above were enough for me to just use the default Warcraft 3 Knight.

I'll rate this a 4/5. Great work!
Level 4
Aug 16, 2012
Its sad that the Knight has a really cool spear or lance and he only uses his boring sword. The knight looks cool but that spear. I really want to see the knight use it.
Level 7
Nov 10, 2010
6/5 & here's why: A climber or a college professor for instance would say that 5/5 doesn't exist, a 4.9 does but not a 5. In this case you broke all the rules; a model so good I can't even use it because you surpassed every human model ever made by Blizzard or anyone else for that matter. Give yourself a pat on the back for that, but I beg of you, don't leave us with just this model. Leave your legacy by granting us with a footman, archer, and catapult with equal quality. Maybe you just got lucky with this model, or maybe you can prove yourself as the greatest human warcraft 3 model maker ever, and deliver us with a pack that will be featured in more levels than you will ever know. My latest will be one, I would have to update it immediately. Maybe take it one step at a time, could you make a footman for everyone, like of the knight you made, and lets see if you can produce another 6/5 lol BIG FAN!!! #GL #Please #Legacy