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[Defense / Survival] Kingdom Defense

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Level 2
Jan 16, 2021
Genre: Defense/Survival but with a twist of adventure!

This is inspired by the Classic custom games like Conquest, Wilderness Survival, Civilization, Colony Builder, and every tower defense ever.

Title: Kingdom Defense
Theme: Medieval-Technological
This map lacks much story or context and is more about the teamwork/betrayal aspect and survival.

-24 players fight hordes of AI to survive and protect their chosen home
-You can build anywhere, and expand infinitely, however you cannot move base (Village/Town/City)
-Control points allow domination like battles for extra gold with players
-When a player's entire civilization is destroyed they will get a powerful Infected Hero (respawns)
-Players will earn points based on kills, alliances, and other activities
-the player with the most points at the end wins
-even Infected Heroes will earn points for destroying you

Goal: Build a base in a strategic location on the massive map. Full lobbies of 24 will be intense as players will scramble for and fight over the best locations, or even ally people and betray them for a good spot!
Fight over control points to boost your income! but beware of the dangers...
Survive the longest, earn the most points, and win!
(Death is not defeat become an infected hero and keep earning points!)

Anyone interested in helping with this project is fully welcome.
-Things done-
Terrain is mapped and pathed, i detailed the shorelines, mostly smoothed the ramps and such.
Custom Units are in process of being reskinned, edited, created, fine tuned and so on
UI and game constants have been set up and customized

-to do list-
Scripting waves of enemies with no memory leaking
scripting a basic AI to target player kingdoms
getting my loadscreen to load properly, ive made the image and have a 512 512 version
placing doodads trees etc (decor and detailed terraining)
custom models if you want to but im using hive packs
custom music/compressed mp3 or wav file that will suit a intense and ongoing struggle
scripting player income and control points
scripting player chat commands

i got a lot on my plate but as far as it goes its a small project :)
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