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14 - Kakuna

This model was made in order to keep the lowest filesize possible. That's the reason why it lacks some shading and etc...
It is squished. The model itself has nearly 4KB after imported to the map, although that doesn't show properly.

WARNING: The freehand texture named emotion.blp contains many types of textures that all pokémon models will share. If you download another pokemon model, be sure you overwrite the last emotion.blp you had with this one. If your pokemon models aren't showing properly, download it again and overwrite emotion.blp.

If you use it in your map give me credits for it. Check this thread's first post for more information.

Do not distribute this model anywhere without my explicit permission.

pokemon, kakuna, insect, cocoon

Kakuna (Model)

13:11, 10th Apr 2009 Pyritie: Particle count's a bit high in the attack and death anims. Lower it to about 30 or so. 20th Apr 2009 Pyritie: Changes not made, resource rejected. BlinkBoy: changes made, approved. 4/5




13:11, 10th Apr 2009
Pyritie: Particle count's a bit high in the attack and death anims. Lower it to about 30 or so.

20th Apr 2009
Pyritie: Changes not made, resource rejected.

BlinkBoy: changes made, approved. 4/5
Level 16
Oct 12, 2008
I love how you did the stand animation! Like it is breathing, and still original (not floating which is the most common at flying objects like Kakuna)
Those Particles (right?) at the bottom look nice! ^^
I wish i could rep you for every model, but you do these things so fast that i cant give you immediately! >.<
i recall you making a zapdos and some other really screwed up models. although, that could've been someone else, since all the one's i've seen with your name on them are good. lol
That's not the first time you say something random and crazy.
I didn't do the Zapdos model. It was made by kkppqq.
If you go to my gallery, and at least read it, you'll see the models I made.
Level 38
Jan 10, 2009
Cool model, pretty good for it's size and what it's used for to.
One of the best pokemon maps I've seen used re-colored sea shells for kukuna and metapod, I've got to admit this is much better. Though if your plan is to do a large amount of pokemon, you should start making models that are nearly impossible to represent in WC3 rather than the ones that are at least possible to represent, chances are if your ambition is to create all 150 you'll burn out long before all of them are finished :(
There is really nothing that looks close at all to Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhydon and Kangaskhan, and considering how similar these pokemon look to one another I'm sure if you made one it would not be difficult to make them all :D

Is there weedle model? Kinda strange to have its evolutions but not itself.

Maps can only be a maximum size of 6,000kb when you put them up for battle net (mabee even smaller, but I've got one that won't let me let my friends test it out thats just over 6,000kb :(
with the size constraints any pokemon that can already be easily represented is sort of pointless to create a model for, and a color-changed dune worm works quite well for caterpie and weedle. With space being such an issue the kukuna model is very nice, esspecially if it is to be used in a map w/ 150+ units.

Anyways, good model, fits it's roll well.



Level 22
Apr 12, 2008
For Battle net, the maximum size is 4 mb. By the way, our map will be singleplayer, so we don't have to worry about the size. Making models that are hard to use as Wc3 models is a good idea. Maybe HC, varsaigen and Zerox can team up to make a big model, like Rhyhorn.
Level 10
Dec 13, 2007
lol no kidding. other hard pokemon would be the legendary beasts, Rayquaza, kyogre, deoxys, tangela, tangrowth, milotic, Gyarados, and possibly rotom (I haven't seen how the lightning bolts move). lol These all have parts that need lots of movement, such as capes always moving, tendrils, tentacles, and constant movement for rayquaza and deoxys. One pokemon I would love to see is Shaymin (both forms). lol