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JustAZBound - FactoryMode

Factory Mode spell submission for the Hive Member team contest.
Team JustAZBound

Code by Spellbound
Model by Astaroth Zion
Icons by Just_Spectating

Ability descritpion:
General Frank transforms into a factory and begins building up charges that he can then use to create smaller tanks. Tank production can be automated or left to build up charges to then release at a later time. Tanks cost fewer charges per level.

The model for the mini tank was made by the General himself: Iron Hussar and Champion Combat Tank

JustAZBound - FactoryMode (Map)

Of course you manage to create a system for the spell portion of the contest :P anyway, this was honestly my favorite submission. Based off Cokemonkey's review, the spell is in approvable state. Needs Fixed Nothing Suggestions Consider any of the...