Jungle Troll Armor

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A berserker troll with leather armor.

Works perfectly with:
dark / forest / ice Troll
dark / forest / ice Troll Trapper
dark / forest / ice Troll Shadowspriest
Beserk Headhunter

You can use it as an item to upgrade your unit, as a new unit, or to create your own custom unit (since most use the same texture as the troll berserker) it also works with units created by others, but you must ask the original owner for permission.

(text translated into english by google, anything that is not understood is their fault, um I say... ask in the comments)

Jungle Troll Armor (Texture)

Level 5
May 7, 2017
I just uploaded the other skins, and I'm thinking of creating a pack for all of them soon, I'm just not sure how it works.
Also, you really want to look into translating that description
ready arranged. Thanks for telling me, it was changed by the automatic google translator when I made the previous edition and I did not notice it