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This is a crappy skin i made for no apparent reason, i just fealt that there hasn't been any good human looking zombies yet so i made one.. :p


Jonathan, Griswald, Notre, Dame, zombie, peasant

JonathanGriswald (Texture)

20:07, 6th Sep 2008 Hawkwing: [Approved] Some areas could use some work, but in my books this is a minimal pass.




20:07, 6th Sep 2008
Some areas could use some work, but in my books this is a minimal pass.
Level 12
Jun 13, 2004
There is no muscles on him.. just a crappy line.. blizzard employees got lazy, i didn't know how to place the musscles.. and the lips well they are also blizzards model. on their model their lips are that big.. if i didn't make them that big then the model would look retarted

Though.. the upper lip needs some work.. tho i dont want to piss afronight off...
He looks enough like a male, cheetory.
But the lips needs fix. First off the upper lip doesn't wrap good. The under lip is too fat. And it would be better to alpha out that arm than keeping it like this. Ehmm.. Kinda the same for the legs. His teeths is very unreal - who has rectangular teeths?

The skin-tone is better on this one, but I'm not all satified with it.
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
Face skintones are horrible.
You seem too have only midtones and bright colors.
When making faces go in this order:
midtones,shadows,light,pink and then hair.
Oh and btw nice hair.
Males look beter with no upper lip or a smallone in skins.