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Jaeline, new map-maker, saying hi!

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Level 3
Jan 17, 2009
Hiya, I'm Jaeline, new to this site, not that experienced map-maker, but very inspired one. I found this site while trying to find maps to play them and of course, learn from those that how to make maps :)

I've experienced quite a bit with World Editor for long time, but only recently started to seriously do something with it.
I like to do detailed work, especially with terrain and such, and my main aim is to make few single-player RPG maps that are simple to play, but would shine in the basic things. I have pleeeenty of ideas too, just not that much skill to actually make them true ^^'.

My current project:

- My current project is my first single-player RPG map, called The People of the Land. It tells simple story about imaginary land where mysterious darkness is rising, and player is the hero that is asked to help. There will be 4 heroes to choose from, with little bit customized basic abilities from basic WC3 and boss battles with actual events, not with 999x skills that bosses randomly spam, but events like where you have to move out from fire(simplest example), or destroy something to make boss beatable, etc...
Overall, it will be simple, bit small and entertaining map, and my first actual project, and map that gets done.

Other than that... Well, I dont have my own internet connection currently, so I'm using friend's connection for all internet needs.

I will be reading these forums quite a bit whenever I can, to learn more and download new maps to play and learn from :>

Thanks for reading, and... Hi!
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