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  • I would like to give a hand as a terrainer to azz wars wr. you can see my wrks in my albums, tell me what you think!
    Huh, I'm surprised that you don't have any uploaded maps here. Were all of your projects unfinished? I honestly can't find your subforum on Diplo.

    Now where's the graveyard...
    Your crab have a hat - its very fond of it - Check the thread. :wcool: And then writing that, I notice that you already saw it. Glad you liked it.
    Here is my Epic Review xD

    !-[Good :D] Nice Loading Screen and Image Preview :D
    !-[Annoying] You are using the chat as the game mode for setting ._.
    !-[Question] I only see humans here in Kalimdor, why is that there is no creeps D:
    !-[Bug/Flaw] The Gold is treated as LUMBER. Change it!
    !-[Hero] Juggernaut+Javelin thrower spam really works well. So I guess nerf Juggernaut a bit. (Or my friends is just realy noobs xD joke)
    !-[Question] The income system is kind of confusing. Also the population! You must explain it real well because me and my friends really had hard time to understand it!
    !-[Question] Lulzors the peasant and villagers are useless if the is already nothing to build Dx
    !-[Good :D] Epic Terrain lulz
    !-[Lag] My PC lags when Juggernaut 2nd skill is cast. 0_0
    !-[Screen] The Distance of the terrain is so large! I need to zoom it in :p (What I mean is, the trigger /Distance over -something-/ is overused or too high!)


    »Nerf Juggernaut! A bit ._.
    »Why not have this:
    example- One barracks is path A and the other one is path B
    explanation- So that the user can easily change his strategies based on the enemies' strategy!
    »Why you no have creeps? In the last 2 version I played, I saw ghouls (first version) then Lich (second version)
    »Add some usefulness for the workers D:
    »Explain the systems moar :ogre_icwydt:


    Well that is just for now because I lacked the time! (Even though it is Sunday here :D)
    But I really didn't lacked some time, but I lack the keen eye to observe!
    lulz ok so i already downloaded the map, so expect a review from 2~3 hrs from now (based on single player dude)
    oh God! 2.3MB is already 2 hrs dl time for me... I guess I can only test this in single player :/
    oh ok! I will wait this weekend, I will test your map in 2 ways.
    1st, in singleplyer. 2nd, in multiplayer( w/ my friends)

    and I will give comments as soon as I can
    No I didn't. I still remember what I said :p

    But there is one thing/problem why I cannot post my thoughts about the map, it is about my internet connection. Here on the Philippines we used some modems that needed to be load up (some cost 15 pesos) and only last for an hour. After I tested the map, the duration of the internet is already lost. But do not worry, I will try to find time to post my thoughs:p
    because I can't :D. It's stuck there forever :)
    Can I join the team thingy? I may not the best or even better GUI spell maker, but maybe I can do some basic spells?
    Indeed you have my friend, feed back will be givin on you fourm for everone to see, ok?
    Cool the orc version gonna download it.
    Anyway I was crushed in yesterday's game, I hope we play again in the future.
    You could test the map and then give me what you think of it, heroes, units and how the techs works, and just add LinkinBlade on Northerend[Eu] if you want to join the testing groups.
    Anything, if I can... For example you need some ideas for some things, like balances, or new units or new races, maybe I can give you that... :D

    Even though I am just a newbie, I can advice some things...
    Dude, the project is nice. If you want some help, please ask me... Maybe I can help you haha
    Good things take time :)
    It's going great, it had a setback when I lost 2 hours work but it's all restored but's still alot of work left.
    Currently working on the heroes.
    It's not updated yet, but the only race working in that version is human.
    I will upload the update when DSgamer is done with the final terraining.
    Hey I wanted to ask how to you start World of areroth because when I move my soul into the circle nothin happens
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