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Item that changes Armor/Attack Type

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Level 2
Dec 17, 2010
So I am trying to create a pair of items, one which changes the attack type and one which changes the armor type. So far on the forum, I have only found this link to help.


i already had the idea in the second post (just switching the unit with triggers when the item is picked up or dropped) but A) it seems awfully time consuming to duplicate every hero, and B) I would have to duplicate every hero 3 times (one for Item A, one for Item B, and one for both), not counting all the heroes I've given metamorphosis abilities to (alot). furthermore, the trigger work would be a bit complicated and again quite time consuming (at least for a noob like me) as I would have to set up a different trigger for every hero and possible combinations of items. Is there any other way to achieve this sort of change? Thank you all in advance!
Level 37
Mar 6, 2006
There is no way to conveniently change armor/attack type.

Using metamorphosis and giving each level a diffferent unit type and then setting the level according to the item works, but is a laborous method.

You do not need a separate trigger for each hero, you can use the same for all heroes.


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
you cant change the armor type but this way works

1. open object editor

2. select the unit you want to change and copy and after that paste
now you got the orginal and the custom

3. select the custom one and change attack type or armor type

4. go to triggers

5. use the action unit- replace unit

now your done!
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Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
Well there is a way. Its not conveniant and it takes work -.-
Its a bit like the above but keeps level and stats if your doing hero :p

Basically go into editor and above copy paste your untis with each attack defense diffrent type. But then create an abillity based of chaos. With changed unit to desired --
Then do a trigger. So
Event:A unit picks up item

Action: If item = to armour and Player has in slot 1-6 a Armour
Then give unit abil. CHaos(Armour+Dmg)
Else If item = armour.
Then Give unit abil Chaos(Armour
Else Give unit abils (Dmg)
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