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Inventory System Getting Too Complicated/Buggy

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I'll just address this to the doctor:

As you may recall, my inventory system uses a bunch of dialogues and dialogue buttons right now.

The way I've been scriptings thing I have 2 abilities (one for picking up items) and another for toggling on/off what happens when you click on an item in the inventory.

To equip an item you click on it while drop item is toggled off and that slot turns blue if it's equipped.

I have to keep changing things and scripting so many damned things I shouldn't have to though so I'm just going to abandon my stupid system and start from scratch since it is full of problems and awkward to use. Most importantly of all I have to keep making huge arrays like this for example: Item Charges = 0 <Integer[1024]>

How do you suggest I do my inventory system properly this time using the correct functions? What are the limitations of using actual items?

I've been reading this and it seems like you have to use the data editor http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/general-mapping-tutorials-659/equipment-inventory-systems-168860/

I don't want to use the data editor...

If I have to use the data editor I'll just keep on rescripting my entire system...

I have attached some pics of how my inventory looks right now in use.

I think my biggest problem with my system right now is just these huge arrays I have to make to attach data to items. There must be a better way...


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