Introduction to Hive!! (Hello Hive!)

Level 2
Feb 7, 2009
Hey Hive (and to anyone looking at this)! I am MaLiCeInCaRnAtE, or on Warcraft III, Macivor0012. I am a Mapper with no artistic talent besides putting terrain on things. I've tried my hand at skinning, and I have peace with the fact that its not for me.

Recently, I haven't been making many of my own maps; I have edited maps extensively i.e. God's Land: The Promise and Footman 10,000 Origin among others. The map that I made quite a bit of was Final Fantasy Maul: Origin (all the v's).

As of about a week ago, I have taken on a more aggressive project from scratch, and I thought I might as well start with the boring stuff that no one likes so I can end with a bang. It'll be called [The Last Stand], and for more information on it look to my profile.

Anyways, I am an avid user of this site, and I have used so many of the models and skins from it. (Two Most Used For Me: General Frank's: Blood Elf Ranger and dickunder's Unbroken Sage).

I'm an avid runner, swimmer, singer/actor, coffee-holic, football player and a student at High School (senior, waiting to hear back from schools XD). And that pretty much sums up me. :grin: