Infamous Arena

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Feb 11, 2010
We who are about to die, salute you!

Welcome to Rulaan, home of the world's greatest gladiatorial Colosseum. The Colosseum of Rulaan has seen thousands of warriors from the far corners of the world, be they man or monster, free or prisoner, guilty or innocent. The soil is sown with the life's blood of those who have failed to rise to the challenge of the arena. All have their own reasons for arriving in the arena, but few will survive. Only one can be champion.

Only one question remains... do you have what it takes?

Set in a vaguely Romanesque era suffused with monsters and mysticism, Infamous Arena puts players in the role of any of 15 original characters who find themselves, for various reasons, pitted against one another in mortal combat for the entertainment of the people of Rulaan. It will feature around 90 diverse, original custom triggered spells (with around 6 per character), about 12 "special event" games, loads of custom content ranging from models and icons to sounds and music, and more. Above all, though, the focus is on gameplay. It's all about intense head to head PvP gameplay that's easy to learn, yet hard to master. Here you will not find large numbers of thrown together heroes with mechanically similar playing styles and obvious imbalances, but instead 15 characters that are carefully designed and redesigned, thoroughly tested, each approaching obstacles from their own distinct playing style. Further, a number of gameplay factors naturally curb or eliminate many of the issues people have with many other arenas (such as spawn camping, base turtling, feeding, killstealing, "early lead stays in the lead," etc). As for the style of play, gameplay focuses on fast-paced PvP action, and you will find a focus on precision, positioning, timing, action and reaction during fights with other players rather than on optimizing item/stat builds or gaining an advantage in creeping. The game even has something of a plot for each of the characters and the setting the game takes place in itself, though it's all kinda told in the background, rather than getting in the way of the gameplay itself. Anywho, let's go over the features one at a time.

  • Fast paced head to head PvP gameplay that's designed to be easy to learn, yet hard to master. There is little in the way of putting together statboosting item combos or spending your time creeping and nothing in the way of secret shops and such... it's all about positioning, timing, precision, strategy, and skill in using your abilities to kill the other players (or accomplish the event goals).

  • There's more than just deathmatch! A variety of special events add to the diversity of gameplay, such as King of the Hill, Bounty Hunter, Plunder, Flagbearer, Juggernaut, Elimination, The Gauntlet, Royal Challenge, Stage of War, Champion's Bout, Cage Match, and The Lion's Den.

  • The crowd gets in on the action! The dynamic crowd will cheer, boo, chant, or roar its support based on player actions, providing a variety of special effects. For example, there are killstreak rewards (somewhat like, say, Call of Duty uses, but don't expect to see helicopters ;))

  • 15 unique heroes, each with an array of 6 (or sometimes more!) unique abilities, almost all of which are original and mechanically distinct custom triggered spells. You won't find a large number of thrown together heroes... I value quality much higher than quantity.

  • Specific features (such as crowd interaction, varying rewards for kills, general map terrain, method of XP gain, etc) counteract common hero arena gameplay pitfalls (such as spawn camping, base turtling, feeding, killstealing, "early lead stays in the lead," constant fountain-centered fights, and more). Things like coming back from last place are definitely possible as, among other factors, statistical differentiation between separate characters at any given time is limited.

  • Designed with the full intent of being just as balanced and engaging for FFA gameplay as well as teams. Characters are all well rounded and able to respond to diverse circumstances, while still having very distinct feel and play styles. I felt this was worth emphasizing since there are already a few arenas that cover the team play niche very well already, while I feel things like FFA or small player numbers are usually just tacked on with little consideration (if viable at all).

  • Extreme care taken with regards to balance. I actually bother to do the planning, testing, information gathering (watching all replays saved by my hosting bots), mathematical analysis, ability synergy and tactical implementation considerations, and so forth necessary for creating a balanced game.

  • A wide variety of items with diverse active effects that add to the tactical depth of the gameplay, but little in the way of passive stat optimization. This game isn't about feeding your hero tomes as fast as possible. There is also nothing in the way of making players run from one end of the map to the other to get to different shops or anything of the sort.

  • Loads of custom models, skins, icons, sounds, and music.

  • Takes place in a richly imagined original setting, but all of those elements are in the background, merely part of the game's atmosphere.

Meet the Gladiators

Insightful Heroes
The Missionary
An evangelistic priest and explorer from a faraway, previously unknown land who had set out on a mission to spread the gospel of his monotheistic sun god to the world. Upon arriving in Rulaan, the Missionary's compelling faith formed the seeds of a revolution against the established belief system, and he was imprisoned as an enemy of the state. Now, he is forced to fight against his will in the arena. In battle, in addition to sword and shield, he wields the wrath of God itself, calling down fire from the heavens.

Gameplay Style:
The Missionary wields large, powerful Area of Effect attacks in addition to having effective damage mitigation skills. However, his prayers take a moment to invoke, making his casting slow.

S) Shield of Faith
1) Solar Flare
2) Divine Judgment
3) Blinding Glory
4) Holy Sword
U) Rapture

The Heretic
A corrupt former high priest of the Order revealed and imprisoned for committing atrocities against his fellow Rulaani, the Heretic is a master of the dark arts who bargains with the masters of the underworld for power over death. He knows the secrets of blood magic, offering of his own flesh and soul to gain dominion over the damned. Ironically, he finds that in bonds he has been freed to go about his work; few comprehend his methods, and where once he had to operate in secret, the arena presents him with a plethora of living sacrifices.

Gameplay Style: The Heretic is all about minion micromanagement and health transference (between himself, summons, enemies, etc).

S) Blood Magic
1) Army of the Damned
2) Death's Apostle
3) Thirsting Blade
4) Miasma
U) Dark Lord

The Witch
A pagan practitioner of the Old Ways, the Witch is in tune with the mind of nature and the sacred feminine, and is a master of herbalism, wards, charms, and hexes. The old ways are no longer observed in Rulaan, however, and since the rise of a new organized religion, the Order, the last practitioners of witchcraft are hunted down and imprisoned. Like all prisoners, however, they too are given the opportunity to participate in the blood sport.

Gameplay Style:
The Witch focuses on zone control and timed releases, using a variety of duration area effect wards and buffs that can be ended with Culmination to produce instantaneous secondary effects.

S) Culmination
1) Curse of Misfortune
2) Mark of Protection
3) Witching Hour
4) Sisyphean Task
U) Bewitch

The Abomination
Amongst the exotic monsters captured from the far corners of the earth to be put on display in the arena, the Abomination is the most unique and frightening. Captured from the deepest depths of the underdark, this nightmarish psychic Abomination employs staggering psychic powers to subdue his victims, break their minds, and finally consume their brains.

Gameplay Style:
The Abomination is all about using mind games and misdirection to confuse his enemies as he sets up for finishing blows, as well as having the ability to mimic enemy skills, making his moveset even more unpredictable.

S) Mind Flayer
1) Creeping Madness
2) Telempathy
3) Psychic Crush
4) Astral Projection
U) Cosmic Terror

The Warlock
A centurion among Rulaan's warrior mages with a penchant for cruelty, the Warlock is a master of vicious evocation magics, able to call fire from the earth, lightning from the sky, frost from the air, or even tear paths through the fabric of reality. Already wealthy and powerful, she fights in the arena for simple sport and bloodlust.

Gameplay Style:
The Warlock is a master of divide and conquer tactics and positioning combos, able to bounce enemies off of multiple ongoing effects.

S) Force Shield
1) Infernal Duel
2) Frigid Steel
3) Lightning Cannon
4) Dimension Door
U) War Crime

Mighty Heroes

The Knight
A lovestruck former Rulaani nobleman whose forbidden passions have cost him his title, disgraced his lineage, ostracized him from his family, and landed the Knight in prison with only one hope of freedom to reunite himself with his love: becoming the champion of the arena.

Gameplay Style: The Knight is all about managing stances and counters.

S) Stance Change
1) Two Handed Sword (Helm Breaker, Whirlwind Attack)
2) Sword and Shield (Shield Bash, Hamstring)
3) Mounted Combat (Trample, Lance Drag)
4) Stance Mastery (upgrades passive stance abilities (Reckless Abandon, Iron Bastion, Swift Steed)
U) Valiant Heart

The Hero
Once a celebrated war hero of the northern dwarves, the keepers of the ancient secrets of the Way Gates, the Hero was defeated and captured in a heroic last stand, which some saw as the moment that ended a long war with expansionist Rulaan. Now, he is a prisoner of war, forced to fight in the arena for the amusement of his captors in order to stay alive from day to day, wielding the power of his mystical heritage and secrets of dwarven craft.

Gameplay Style: The Hero is a ponderous tank who makes up for his slow move speed with a variety of technical movement techniques. He is adept at dodging or outright becoming immune to attacks while damaging foes with his movement patterns.

S) Gatekeeper
1) Thundergod
2) Northern Winds
3) Mjolnir
4) Stalwart
U) Warrior Paradise

The Gladiator
A thrillseeking Rulaani freeman who fights in the arena for his own personal glory, fame, and profit, the Gladiator is a returning champion of the arena who hasn't let age dull his skills. The Gladiator is a master fighter with his axe and gladiator's net, and knows how to play to the crowd.

Gameplay Style: The Gladiator is a combo fiend adept not only at chaining together damaging moves that push and pull enemies around the arena but at taking greater advantage of killstreak rewards.

S) The Oldest Trick
1) Net Fighter
2) Brutal Throw
3) Great Divide
4) Roar of the Crowd
U) Fatality

The Savage
A proud warrior of one of the many relatively primitive tribes of ogres scatterred around the western edge of the expanding Rulaani empire made victims of genocide, the Savage was captured and hauled off to be goggled at by audiences in the arena. Channeling his fearsome sorrow and rage on those he is forced to fight, the Savage wields a towering stone axe like a wrecking ball with sharp edges, trampling foes with his sheer size and strength.

Gameplay Style: The Savage is a tough charger who knocks enemies silly and sends them flying, but more importantly can line up multiple enemies just right for some particularly brutal group combos.

S) Sweeping Strikes
1) Awesome Blow
2) Bull Rush
3) Earthshaker
4) Skullsplitter
U) Berserker Rage

The Amazon
The overextended expansionist Rulaan is plagued by barbarian raids from far corners of the empire, and perhaps the most infamous of these raiders are the Amazon women from the southern reaches. A savage warrior woman captured in such a barbarian raid on Rulaan and put on display in the arena, the Amazon is a swift huntress with a vicious killer instinct.

Gameplay Style: The Amazon is a quick-moving melee hit and run harasser and interrupter.

S) Feral Huntress
1) Impale
2) Dragon Dive
3) Wild Heart
4) Poison Fang
U) Primal Secret

Cunning Heroes

The Madman
A relentlessly clever inventor and a homicidal maniac to boot, the Madman defines the line of genius meeting insanity. After using his technological expertise to disintegrate one of the wonders of the world, the authorities stepped up their efforts and finally managed to capture the rampaging goblin. Now imprisoned, the Madman gleefully turns over his pioneering doomsday machines to the Rulaani army in return for an endless supply of live test subjects in the arena.

Gameplay Style: The Madman employs a variety of deadly explosives, but with timed delays. Additionally, he utilizes an array of gadgets to push or pull enemies into his various blast radiuses.

S) Magnets!
1) Time Bomb
2) Rocket Man
3) Bomb Squad
4) Enemy Launcher
U) Death Ray

The Outlaw
A daring brigand and expert marksman who terrorized the roads of Rulaan, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Even now that the law has finally caught up with her, the Outlaw does not intend to give up her mission of redistribution of wealth and is planning a daring escape with the help of her allies who still walk free. Until then, however, she must survive the carnage of the arena.

Gameplay Style: The Outlaw is a ranged harasser who benefits greatly from precision use of line attacks (as her line damage abilities deal extra damage in certain places).

S) Decoy
1) Blazing Arrow
2) Wire Arrow
3) Booby Trap
4) Hallowed Ground
U) Bullseye

The Assassin
A hired killer who once stalked the upper echelons of the Rulaani courts, being wrapped up in so many intrigues came back to bite the Assassin when one of her employers betrayed her, and she was caught in the act. Now, her mastery of the deadly arts serve her well in fighting for her freedom in the fighting pits of the arena.

Gameplay Style: The Assassin is a stealthy single target ganker with the ability to temporarily disable foes who would interfere.

S) Knockout Poison
1) Night Stalker
2) Shadow Stitch
3) Cloak of Silence
4) Blade Artist
U) Execution

The Wanderer
The Wanderer is a traveler from far, exotic lands on a journey to become the world's strongest warrior, testing his skills against those of the greatest fighters from across the world and learning from every encounter with a new style. Now that he has arrived in Rulaan, he seeks to once more bathe his blades and challenge his skills in the Colosseum.

Gameplay Style: The wanderer is a mobile melee brawler adept at caging in enemies in preparation for charged-up finishing moves, and is reliant on efficient management of his fiery transformation.

S) Daring Leap
1) Iaijutsu Strike
2) Sever Chi
3) Fire Eater
4) Wind Clones
U) Meteor Slash

The Gambler
A devious Rulaani lord with a compulsion for betting on arena matches who, after finding himself mired in debts, finally decided that the best way to rig the game was to enter himself! The Gambler is a master of Chaos Magic, wielding unstable arcane powers focused through cards inscribed with runes and sutras. And yes, he charges up the cards with explosive energy and throws them at people like Gambit from X-Men.

Gameplay Style: The Gambler's style revolves around actively manipulating odds and a high degree of risk and reward.

S) Double or Nothing
1) Lucky Seven
2) Roulette
3) Ace in the Hole
4) Second Chance
U) Touch of Avarice


What's Needed
Most roles are accounted for already, the only thing really lacking from the team is an actual modeler/animator for some polish... I'm already using plenty of custom models from resources scattered throughout the internet, but a few model adjustments would be useful (for example, I want a version of The Knight with a defend animation when he's wielding a shield, and the Abomination needs a dissipate animation, and I've heard that you need to do something called "recalculating extents" to fix an issue that occurs when rescaling or changing the angle of some effect models that makes them disappear when only partly offscreen). It would also be nice to have flower petals for the terrain (see reference:, or even a little animated model with thrown flower petals from the audience, that sort of thing. Little elements of polish that seal the deal.

If anyone would be willing to help me put together a nice custom loading screen / map preview screen, as well as things like banners, gifs, or videos to help promote the project, that would be awesome as well.

Other help wouldn't be unwelcome either, of course, such as some help with terraining or optimizing my spell code or having a 2D artist, and of course testers are always welcome, though beta testing won't be for at least a few weeks yet.

Looking forward to working with you!
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Feb 11, 2010
i can make some fix on your terrain

Thanks for the offer. However, I can't help but notice that you don't have any resources on your profile. Is there any terrain you've already worked on I could take a look at?

If you really want, i guess i could also make custom model(s)

Awesome! Of course, we already talked in private chat :)
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