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Income Trigger --> +4 Rep AND MORE

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Level 9
Aug 11, 2007
Alright everyone, I'm offering up +3 rep if you can do this for me.

What I am asking:

-Once the game starts, a countdown timer starts, every 60 seconds income is given to all 11 players.

-Income is based on:
-How many Hovels - Villages - Towns - Townships - each player has has alive at the time of income.
-You also get only a certain percentage of income depending on your food.
0-15 Food: 100% Of Income
16-25 Food: 85% Of Income
26-50 Food: 75% Of Income
51-75 Food: 50% Of Income
76-100 Food: 35% Of Income
101-200 Food: 15% Of Income
201-300 Food: 0% Of Income

Hovel - 16 Gold
Village - 24 Gold
Town - 32 Gold
Township - 40 Gold

So with that explained, you also gain lumber [in my game, Peasants].

Hovel gives - 8 Peasants
Village gives - 16 Peasants
Town gives - 24 Peasants
Township - 32 Peasants

And every time one of those is destroyed, they lose the amount of peasants [and also don't get them next income].

Finally, when the 60 seconds is up, the game should display to each player:

Gold: X
Peasants: Y
Military: Z

X = The amount of gold gained on that income.
Y = The amount of peasants [lumber] gained on that income.
Z = It shows how much food you are currently using.


Alright guys, anyone who can do this should say so, here is what you will get:

- +4 Rep Points
- Loading screen credit, with the name of your choice
- Credit under the quest menu "Credit"
And if you want anything else, feel free to ask. I will send you the map via PM or a messanger of some sort, feel free to contact me:

AIM: AngrySunNL
MSN: [email protected]
Skype: Koopa124
Yahoo: I'd rather not use this, but if you have nothing else... Send a PM first.

Alright guys, this help is needed. Thanks to anyone who offers.
Not open for further replies.