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  • Well I'm in class right now, so possibly later tonight for me, which... probably means you'll be asleep or something. But I'll try and get on when you're on.
    Oh hey, sorry if I didn't reply.
    Sorry again, because now I can't. I wrote that when my project tanked. It is now back again. And fuller than ever.
    Oh damn I didn't even see the notification thing :(

    I'm sorry for not replying. :(

    In case you still need to know the set variable thing, the trigger is called "set variable" and its in the beginning of the little list of triggers (not under a category).
    hey yea i really would need help. If you would just upload a image of your terrein somewhere so thaat i can see what you are able to do.
    Surei could make such a multiboard. iwould just need a few more informatiions(like player number,how you get lumber etc...)
    Yea, well he is good terrainer. I guess he got pretty much time if he can still continue SotDRP project on his own and help others.
    1.Go to "Capture CP" trigger.
    2. Double Click on "Set CooldownTime = 10.00"
    3. Set it to 60.00
    1. Go to Trigger called "Income CP CD init"
    2. Double-Click "Countdown Timer - Start Income as a Repeating timer that will expire in 10.00 seconds"
    3. Change 10.00 seconds to 60.00 seconds and then Timer will go on every 60 secs.

    Now about lumber:
    1. Go to Trigger called "Income"
    2. Double-Click Action Player - Add (100 x (Number of units in IncomeGroup)) to (Player((Integer A))) Current gold
    3. Change "Current Gold" to "Current Lumber"
    4. Click on (100 x (Number of Units in IncomeGroup)) inside that action what I mentioned in 2nd point.
    5. Change 100 to 1 and everything is done - It will give 1 Lumber every 60 secs.
    Its more or less at a stand still considering I don't have a triggerer and my time is short.
    You have a rp map in developement huh how is it going?
    Copy/Paste Control Point unit and then copy/paste those 4 triggers - one by one.
    yea sure man, what do u need? all you have to do is this: to add acceleration to a unit you do in custom script "call AddUnitAcceleration(udg_NAME)" and to remove you do "call RemoveUnitAcceleration(udg_NAME)"
    Name is the name of your unit variable, if you know some jass it would be much easier tho, anyways yea man pm me about how i need to help you

    glad to help mate
    Yeah, I noticed that too :p

    It was originally my brothers acc, in times when I didn't even know about wc3. :D
    Timed stuff, effects, terrain texture. Like if a unit dies, change terrainart around it. Or global terrain textures.
    Hello, fellow lost soul of the darned red star.
    Want help? I'm skilled with making terrain changes via triggers.
    Hi anyone that comes to this page..

    I'm new to hive, but i am looking for help from a triggerer to begin work on a roleplaying map.
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