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Import problems. What's mdx/mdl?

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Level 2
Nov 5, 2009
Hello everyone,

I'm new to custom models and skins in WorldEdit and I'm trying to import this (the 4 attached files at the bottom) but things aren't working quite right.

1st problem:
How you I put one of the guns in the Master Chief's hands? Can I do that with WorldEdit or do I need an auxiliary program like Warcraft 3 Viewer? I have found no documentation about this so even just a link would help.

2nd problem:
(ignore this... i got it... :D I still would like to understand what's the difference between mdl and mdx
To import the Master Chief I followed these instructions. I followed all the instructions exactly as stated. It's not working I'm getting green cude when I place my unit and WorldEdit tells me Cannot open file: war3mapImported/MasterChief.mdl
Why is it searching for a mdl file? I never imported that, I imported MasterChief.mdx, and what's difference anyway?

Thx :grin:
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Level 31
Apr 17, 2009
.mdx is the file format of the normal wc3 units
.mdl is the format that is uses for editing them with the oinkerwinkle tools.

A model has to be .mdx to display properly in World Editor.
But you have imported the .mdx.
Don't be afraid of the green cube, it's just normal.
Just save your map, close it and open it again and it will show right.
If it doesn't, you haven't set the right pathes of the textures (the .blp file)
You find the right path in the readme file that is in the downloaded folder or on the wep page where you downloaded your model.
Check this tutorial:
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