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Nov 14, 2008
welcom to my new project, Imperialism!

Brief Overview:
Imperialism is a strategy game with a few twists that make it unique. it is set between 1800 and 1900 so the industrial revolution will be a recurring theme throughout the game. the game will be wired so that individuals will likely only have a few major cities and many frontier colonies. it takes place in a "grand scale" that will allow individuals to run over mountains and reach the desert (i didnt use the world editor unlimited so unfortunately you can't go off throught the desert expanse, but you could make a little dodge city out there.)

Gameplay Features:
True "colonization" system: you will be given a unit called a wagon train, this unit has the abillity to colonize, once activated the unit will create a plantation and then disapear forever. these plantations are you're first tier cities.
Capturable cities: just like in most strategy games cities will be capturable, attack the city till death and a new one will spawn under you're ownership.
Choose you're capitol: you start off with 4 wagon trains. once you have built you're first plantation, you may upgrade it to you're capitol, thus giving it superior stats to even the largest of cities.
Name you're cities: seeing you're precious capitol isn't all that stunning when it's name is Capitol, so i hope to be able to implement a feature where you can name you're cities anything you want.
Upgrade you're cities: you're city unit represents the basic residences and government facilities of you're cities, but not their industry. there will be a features where you may upgrade you're cities with factories, barracks, and shipyards as well as many other buildings such as monastaries, mills, and guard stations. improvements are also capturable.
Realistic construction: you're cities will hire a unit. this unit will differ depending on the type of city, however each unit operates the same in that the moment it begins construction it will disapear, you're capitol will then spawn 5 nice good looking labourers who will walk out to you're city and finish the construction for you.
Diplomacy: -ally -neutral -war. any aspiring diplomat knows these three basic stances, and they will be included in this game.
Art styles?: it is possible that in the far future i will add multiple art styles that you may choose from, as well as the abillity to rotate you're buildings to face the direction you choose.

ASSISSTANCE REQUIRED! unfortunately my knowledge of triggers is limited to GUI. i'm confident i can complete all these systems in GUI, but it will be ineficient, so i would really like to have a coder who can help me on this project. it would also be nice if someone could help make a few models, like the wagon train, Capitol building, and mostly ships and factories dating from 1800-1900.


there is a forum in the terrain section for comments specifically related to terrain

Upgrade ideas

Blacksmith: Provides metalworking upgrades
Steel Mill: Upgraded Blacksmith
Carpenters Hut: Provides woodworking upgrades
Tannery: Upgraded CH
Mill: Upgraded Tannery
Factory: Industry upgrades, Upgraded Blacksmith
Industrial plant: Upgraded Factory
Farm: Increases income
House: Upgraded Farm
Manor: Upgraded House
Small Apartment: Upgraded Manor
Large Apartment: Upgraded SApp
Sky scraper: Upgraded LApp
Trading post: Provides Income bonus, provides economic upgrades
Bank: Upgraded TP
Economic district: Upgraded Bank
Railway stop: provides income, can teleport nits to any other railway stop
Railway Junction: Upgraded RS
Monastary: Increases income, Provides medical upgrades, Heals
Church: Upgraded Monastary, Heals
Hospital: Provides medical upgrades, Heals, no income bonus
Outpost: Small deffensive structure
Fort: Upgraded Outpost
Reqruitment Office: Trains soldiers
Barracks: Upgraded RO
Armoury: Upgraded RO, provides millitary upgrades
Sheriffs Office: Upgrades deffense
Guard post: Upgrades deffense
Dock: Provides income bonus, trains small ships, upgrades ships
Harbour: Upgraded Dock
Shipyard: Upgraded Harbour
Dry-dock: Upgraded Shipyard


Boom Town

Millitary Units

Smoothbore---Rifled---Breach loader
Dragoon---Hussar---Mounted Carbineers---Mounted Infantry

Naval Units
Galleon---Brigantine---Protected Cruiser

Hostile units

Native Axemen
Native Spearmen
Native Riflemen
Native Horse Archers

Hostile Naval
Pirate Sloop
Pirate Brigantine
Ilicit Sloop-of-war


Terrain: 90%
Triggers: 85%
Units: 35%
Tech-tree: 2%
Pathing: 100%
Music: 0%
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Level 6
Nov 14, 2008
Weekly Update: July 1

alright, so here's my first weekly update.

I have finished a playable terrain, wich I think is perfect for the map, I have finished adding all the pathing elements for this map, I have added a trigger that prevents players from creating a city within 1000 units of another, I have created a trigger that provides income based on housing, and cities, I have created a small opening cinematic, I have created the abillity for cities to construct "build pads" that upgrade into structures, I have created blank units for all my buildings, they need values for attack, abillities, units still need to be created, prices set, build times adjusted, the economic system needs consideration (I may add resources or not), i haven't even started on a tech-tree, and I still want to add some new background music, not to mention custom models, icons, and events.

I have ditched the realistic construction untill I find a profesional trigger editor, because i could not think of a way in wich to kill the worker units after they were finished construction, as well the current system is probably more appropriate. I may add in a mode called "Historical" where tech items become available based on the date they were researched historicaly.

I really need naval models as no custom models on this site are appropriate for the game, (honestly they all look blocky plain and.... well off.) I also need technologies as i have only managed to brainstorm 79 techs, and not all of them are related.
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Level 6
Nov 14, 2008
Post Weekly Update - July 15

all of the technologies (around 88 of them) have been created (although none of them have any effects.) most of the buildings have been created, along with the units. basically all of the units and stuff exist, they just dont have any values. now i got a new game and have been playing that for a while.
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