Immolation (item) + Mana Regeneration (neutral)

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Level 4
Aug 17, 2008
Heya. I added Immolation to an item, and it seemingly works great! I have a bit of a problem with it though.

I set it to drain 10 mana per second.
It drains 10 mana per second great and all...

But, I have items for regenerating mana which give 1 and 2 set mana regeneration via Mana Regeneration (neutral)

My problem is, if I put 4 of the 2 mana per second items (8 mana per second) in the unit's inventory, it regenerates faster than Immolation drains mana, which shouldn't be possible. The unit with an inventory does not have any base mana regeneration.

How do I fix this?
Level 8
Apr 26, 2011
try tested the mana regeneration is working correctly without Immolation ? you need to find out if your mana regen item:
- do they stack if you give 4 mana regen item ?
- do they stack correct if you give 4 item ? (eg 2x4 = 8)

also, there are two setting on mana regeneration:
- x mana per second (make sure you use this setting)
- x% mana per second
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