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iHigh's Sound System

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Feb 9, 2008
I Will Be Regularly Adding Unit Sounds That I Have Made Myself To This Post. Feel Free To Use Any Of Them In Your Game, But I Would Like To Simply Request That You Give Me Credit For The Usage Of The Sound. You Could Simply Place This In Your Quests Section Or On Your Loading Screen, But If You Wish To Put It Else Where That Is Fine As Well.

For The Sounds!

The First Sound Set Is "Demon Sound".
Demon Sound1- I Am Here To Serve You
Demon Sound2- You Will By My Fire
Demon Sound3- Im The Keeper Of Hell
Demon Death- Sound Of Unit Dying

This Post Will Be Updated On A Regular Basis.


  • Demon Voice1.mp3
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  • Demon Voice2.mp3
    56.8 KB · Views: 44
  • Demon Voice3.mp3
    47.8 KB · Views: 39
  • Demon Death.mp3
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