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Icon Section - CnP issue

Do you think that CnP is present in approved (and good-quality) icons?

  • Yes, at least 25% of them.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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As many of you already know, we've been thru a CnP spree in the icon section lately... people want to have nice resources but they can't draw something good completely freehand. The biggest problem is that icons don't need to 'wrap' anywhere, so CnP is much easier.

We need to find a way to abolish CnP once and for all. I think that this can be done, requiring the psd/xcf file with all the layers and/or original size at the moment of the submission.

Do you guys think that this is needed? Any better idea?
I think that the icons' section works in an unsure way. There are many icons made by users that some moderators won't believe it's their piece of work, because, they have this "no-repped" issue or 1-40 posts, which, accept it, makes us wary enough. Anyway, I think that in the current state, nothing can be done. An icon should be approved if it is useful and/or pretty enough. The "behind the scenes" part is something we should avoid, because it's just a waste of time. To end, I believe that the *.psd file should be uploaded along with the icon for a certain proof, on every upload, not only whenever a moderator is chary of approving the icon.
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