icon factory. delivering u the icons u need.

Level 3
Feb 21, 2010
So this is what I'm doing. I like to create icons for people. I like to join projects making icons for things etc. But i have to be skilled first and need to be able to show my work to represent myself. I will make an icon for you for whatever you need. I'm not very ecperienced yet so this is probably mostly good for myself, but I'll do my best to get you a nice icon.

-I can create icons from for units, by editting screenshots of them.
-I can create icons for spells, upgrades, freehanded.
Don't know if your happy with the result but I'll do my best.
Not good enough? I will make a better one.
-Give me a very clear description from what you want.
-For models of someone's else work I'm gonna need permission.
-I can also take reqeusts making anything iton a icon.

I'll be happy with anyone sending me a request. Its good for me to get skilled and don't care if they think its not good enough, allthough i'll do my best.


Icons Created: