Icon DISBTN and friends

Level 4
Sep 4, 2007
Sigh! Ok this isn't working. I have an ability named Poison Shot, I downloaded the icon: "Poison Strike" to use for Poison Shot. I imported it's PAS, BTN, and DISBTN versions and replaced the custom paths with this:
ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISBTNPoisonStrike.blp (for DISBTN)
ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNPoisonStrike.blp (for BTN)
ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\PASPoisonStrike.blp (for PAS)

Now I applied these icons to the Poison Shot ability accordingly:

Art - Icon - Normal ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\PASPoisonStrike.blp
Art - Icon - Research ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNPoisonStrike.blp
Art - Icon - Turn Off ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\PASPoisonStrike.blp

Ok this is as detailed as I know. And btw, the ability is passive so that's why I uses PAS. Is there ANYTHING wrong with this method???:confused: