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Icecrown DotA AI v1.5

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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----------Pyro Presents----------

Icecrown DotA AI v1.5
Created by Pyro

Map Info:

Icecrown-DotA is my own modification of the DotA template from SD_Ryoko and AceHart.
It includes the 24 melee heroes of Wc3 (most of them modded) and 6 custom heroes I designed myself. The Level cap is in contrast to DotA Allstars on 30; means every hero has 3 5-level normal abilities and a 3-level ultimate. The map also includes lots of custom items and
a region where random Boss-Creeps are spawned. I spent the most time on the map when I created the AI that includes Assassination, Item Buy, Teleporting and many other aspects.

Due this is the first map I am publishing on Hive, I hope that you all will be patient for things i did wrong and help me to discover my mistakes and improve my map.

I'll be pleased if all interested players will have Fun with Icecrown-DotA :D


  • Working AI
  • Custom Passive Buffs for Heroes
  • Custom Boss Fights
  • 24 Custom Designed melee Heroes
  • 6 Completely New Custom Heroes
  • Many Triggered and Variable-Damage Spells
  • 57 New Custom Items
  • Unique list of Commands, such as Camera Zoom Factor, Locking Camera on Hero etc.

Some else stuff about map:

The AI is still weaker then the DotA Allstars AI and secures a very good start for people who are completely new to DotA-like Games.

Screenshots and Videos:

Image Description:
This is the screen that will appear while loading the game

Image Description:
These are the Taverns from which you can select your hero


Image Description:
This is the Sentinel Base, here you can see my hero and some of the heroes the AI's have chosen


Image Description:
Custom battle scene on the bottom lane


Image Description:
Gravity Breaker using his Ultimate, "Implosion"


Video Description:
this is a test of Firelord's Ultimate, "Chain Reaction"

Change Log:

  • Hero Passive Buffs
  • created another Anti-Creep-Stuck system

  • Blood Mage Ultimate changed from 'Phoenix' to 'Apocalypse's Enchantment'
  • Lich Ultimate changed from 'Shockfrost' to 'Freeze Time'
  • Lich Skill 'Dark Ritual' replaced with 'Ice Bomb'
  • balanced Boss Skills
  • Preview Image
  • Loading Screen

  • Custom HAF (Hero Auto Focus) System
  • Improved Hero Assassination

  • New Custom Skins
  • Improved Hero Assassination
  • Some Variable-Damage Ability Improvements

  • Added Hero Lane Change Trigger
  • Replaced Firelord Skill 'Critical Mass' with 'Heatseeker'

  • Improved a lot of necessary AI things; e.g. Attacking Reaction with Hashtables and the Lane Changing


Special Thanks:
  • SD_Ryoko
  • AceHart

  • Kwaliti
  • Tarrasque
  • Suselishe
  • Norinrad
  • Frankster
  • judash137
  • RetroSexual
  • -Grendel
  • chilla_killa
  • Elainiel
  • eXN
  • ChevronSeven
  • 67chrome
Loading Screen/Map Preview Image:
  • (Me)

Author's notes:

The Map is still under construction, therefore i welcome hero suggestions, bug reports and improvements that you would like to have

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

DotA, Icecrown, Alternate, AoS, Different, Heroes, Defense, Ancients

Icecrown DotA AI v1.5 (Map)

Vengeancekael: Private Message Date: 2012/Jan/25 21:49:24 Reasons: Work in progress maps are not allowed in the maps section. Only BETA (Playable) and full versions. Poor and lacking terrain: Terrain Tutorial Poor Gameplay, not a lot of...




Vengeancekael: Private Message
Date: 2012/Jan/25 21:49:24

Work in progress maps are not allowed in the maps section. Only BETA (Playable) and full versions.
Poor and lacking terrain: Terrain Tutorial
Poor Gameplay, not a lot of originality or fun: General Mapping Tutorials
Credits need to be posted in the description.

Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials
Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section
Check out the World Editor Help Zone (Trigger issues, object editor, overall WE issues): WE Help Zone

Comment: Leaf Storm doesn't have a hotkey
Leaf Storm's learning tooltip says it deals 0 damage.
The spell icons aren't positioned right, the ulti is at the second spell slot for Cenarius?
Also the spells cannot get any more boring or non-unique. 3 of Cenarius's spells are just default ones, I mean really, if you're going to make a special AOS, then at least make some interesting and unique spells.
And seriously? Gaia's Blessing creates grass in the hero's body?!

Overall the terrain is even more lacking than DotA's, completely random doodads everywhere, especially those ice blocks at the entrance of the undead base, almost no details, etc.
The gameplay is not unique, it doesn't feature anything new, it's almost the exact same thing as DotA, just some other random items along with worse hero concepts and a functioning AI, but really, DotA also has one.
Oh and in-game credits are missing. (or at least I didn't see them in the credits quest)

Also you might as well just remove the loading screen and preview images, they're of way too low quality.
This needs a lot more work.
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