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Hussite War Wagon

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.

Hussite War Wagon

Hi guys, this time i bring the Hussite War Wagon, inspired by the AoE2 Game, a nice addition to the community collection as how I see.


This War Wagon is inspired by a real war machine created during the Medieval Age.


Im also attaching some variations with cannons, no cannons, horses and no horses. Hope you enjoy all of them.


  • 06/17/24:
    • Merged versions, now horses versions are alternated animations
    • Added morph animations
    • Fixed the footprint event position and times, now they are shown more frequently
    • Fixed sounds

Hussite War Wagon (Model)

Hussite War Wagon No Cannons (Model)

Level 19
Sep 18, 2013
Neat. Maybe just the viewer but the left back wheel flies around detaching and attaching in the no horse versions.

Something perhaps hard to do properly would be a morph animation when the horses run away leaving the wagon alone to attack or defend itself.
Thanks, i already fixed it. About a morph anim, that would be complicated, it could be a cinematic animation maybe, horses leaving the car behind can be portrayed using triggers by spawnning packed horses in front of the wagon and morph it into a no horses wagon.