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Human Mage

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Level 10
Mar 22, 2009
Hello Everyone!

I've started making Furion a human version :)

All the white stuff is actually alhpa thingys, so are the squares in the third pic.

Here's a wip.


Another WIP


Only The Hands to make Humanish now :)

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Level 37
Jan 10, 2009
You could always use this skin on the druid of the talon model, the unwrap is nearly identical and the druid has a hood and no horns, which is a little more wizardish. Besides, team color attachments have been made, so even if this is intended to be used as a hero it could work out that way as well. The beard alpha only effects the druid's beard as well (he has a hood) so unless you get a really creative idea with the horns - which I doubt considering the CnP and recolor of the skin - I'd suggest applying this skin for the druid of the talon instead.
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