HTC: Apheraz Lucent

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[+100 Rep] Team Contest - Hive Member
Team Alliance presents:

~Hive hero: Apheraz Lucent; the Lady Hive~

So, this is my contribution, a model of an artistic sorceress, so to say. The model uses ingame textures, few custom meshes and few tweaked.. things. enjoy and give credit :3

~Important Info~
This is a contest entry and thus any feedback about it is discouraged until the contest ends.

HTC: Apheraz Lucent (Model)

General Frank
A very nice model edit and merge of the Lich and sorceress model. Great use of textures. Great job.
Level 2
Jan 6, 2017
it's incredible! Woaw! that art tools looks unbeliveble. I'm your fun! :D please make more models with so intresting tools and equipment :)
Level 8
Jun 13, 2010
Thought it was a palette on her back at first. You know the things painters mix their colors on.
Oh well, I like the model. Could be used for the purpose of a Goddess, specially since I do not fancy most angels here.

Well done.