How to rollback to 1.304 from 1.31?

Level 4
May 11, 2008
I could swear, once, while goofing around on internet i accidentally came upon a site that had all warcraft patches, including the ones upwards from 1.28, as a separate downloadable zip/rar files. Which, at the time, surprised me greatly, but then everything got forgotten as i didn't cared about it. The site had that old fashion structure (i am not computer savvy person, sorry) where you don't see the normal html (or whatever) webpage. But you get a list of clickable directories/files like that old windows total commander thingy :D. Blizzard used to have that thing for ages, for all patches. White background, blueish test.

Anyway, now i made a mistake of updating to 1.31. And thus, i cannot work on my map, while i wait blizzards next patch. What are my options? Because if i reinstall the game from blizz account im pretty sure i can only get 1.31.
I do have old, original, yellowed but still working, CDs from 2003. So I can install warcraft up to 1.27.

So has anyone seen manually downloadable, separate patches 1.28, 1.29, 1.30 anywhere?

Would be awesome if i could prepare my map in 1.31 until, i wait 1.31xxx