How to update wc3 to 1.31 without installing reforged?

Level 4
Feb 9, 2016
So, I got the ptr for wc3 when 1.28 came out and updated it to 1.30. After that, I didn't see the need to update it so I didn't bother to but now I need to update it. Whenever I try to use the public test launcher file in the program, it keeps installing reforged, along with every other setup file that I download. So, how do I update the game without installing reforged?

To be honest, I'm not sure if this is a pirated version that I have since I literally just googled wc3 1.28 installer or something like that a couple years back. But if it is a pirated one, where do I buy a cd key for wc3 non reforged so I can use the 1.31 that is on this site?


At any rate, that's what my warcraft 3 folder looks like