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How to get AI Hero Units to Not Drop Items???

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Level 17
Mar 16, 2008
AI controlled heroes drop items from their inventory despite those items being set as un-droppable via trigger and Object Editor. The items are put into their inventory via Unit Properties window.


I tried various different trigger options, like make item of type and item in slot un-droppable. Nothing seems to work and they keep dropping the items from their inventory when they have an opportunity to pick up other items. Is this some new Reforged bug? I swear this was working as intended recently.

  • Item - Make (Item carried by Unit_Var in slot 1) Undroppable
  • Item - Make (Item carried by Unit_Var of type Black Knight's Enchanted Halberd) Undroppable
Is it possible to stop them from dropping these items?

Thank you for reading.
Level 17
Mar 16, 2008
Ok I found a solution that I think is worth sharing and is actually missing from most articles about items.

Stats - Priority in Object Editor under Items changes the AI heroes item selection in a predictable way. Higher number = higher priority.

Edit: the below trigger doesn't seem to work either... :eek:

I changed the Stats - Priority of the item to be higher and the AI isn't dropping it anymore. Still needs more testing...

  • NPC Items
    • Events
      • Time - Elapsed game time is 16.00 seconds
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • -------- Unit 1 --------
      • Item - Create Item at Point_Var
      • Item - Make (Last created item) Undroppable
      • Hero - Give (Last created item) to Unit_Var
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Level 10
Dec 11, 2009
If this is GUI AI script, then you need to manually find all calls to UnitDropItemPointLoc() and add extra condition:
if BlzGetItemBooleanField(itm, ITEM_BF_CAN_BE_DROPPED) then
    call UnitDropItemPointLoc(...)

I guess in GUI it would look like this:
  • Custom script: if BlzGetItemBooleanField(udg_tempItem, ITEM_BF_CAN_BE_DROPPED)
  • Unit - Order (...) to drop (...) at (...)
  • Custom script: endif
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