[How] To change normal attack type to element attack type ??

Level 2
Apr 7, 2010
[How] To change normal attack and armor type to element attack and armor type ??

here i want to ask how to change normal attack type like :Chaos , Hero , Piercing , siegie , etc to element attack type like : Fire , lightning , wind , water , light , darkness,etc ???

so if Blade master attack type is hero i want to change it to Blade master attack type is fire or lightning or etc

And including the armor type like : Divine , medium , hero , fortile , etc to element armor type : like fire, Lightning , wind , water , light , darkness,etc ???

Including the effect like : Water attack 200% to fire type , and 50% to lightning type and 100 % to the rest , etc something like that
Level 23
Oct 12, 2008
Its all about messing with the ingame defense/attack types.

You need to rename them via Game Interface to whatever you need.
Eg. Siege -> Fire, Fortified -> Water

You then use Gameplay Constants to rebalance how much damage they deal to each other.
Eg. Siege deals 200% damage to Fortified -> Fire deals 200% damage to water.