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How to change experience to next level

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Level 15
Aug 7, 2013

I've been searching around but haven't found a resource that explains how hero exp is done, in terms of how much to the next level.

Could someone explain what each of these hero exp things do?


I am interested in:

1. deciding how much exp to get to the next level (99 levels total)

2. making the exp to the next level exponentially higher

3. making exp for each hero depend on both level and hero (e.g. a lvl 30 gains less exp than a lvl 10, and say a Deathknight hero takes more exp to gain levels than an Archmage hero).

I am going to assume that 2,3 will probably have to be handled by triggering in the exp system (when a unit levels up I modify the exp it gains based on its level and unit type).

Also, how do we decide how much exp heroes give, and make this increase by some function based on their level (e.g. killing a lvl 20 hero nets more exp by some function than killing a lvl 10 hero)? Is there a field in the data editor where this can be set?
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