How to access files from a custom .mpq in the editor

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Dec 22, 2008
I would like to do a large scale customization of warcraft 3, so there are hundreds of different model files, buttons, sounds that need to be managed. I have those all loaded into the import manager, but I would like a better solution to this problem. Basically I want to open up the map editor and have my custom units already available. Currently working within campaign editor to make missions, but I'd also like the idea of being able to use this for a basic multiplayer melee map.

So the questions are:

1.) Is a custom MPQ file the answer for dealing with so many additional resources?

2.) Would the .MPQ be a separate mandatory download if someone wanted to play my map? Or can all those resources be rolled into the map when it's saved/distributed.

3.) If MPQ is the way to go, how do I access resources stored in it in the world editor?

4.) Would my MPQ need to be named something different, or would I need to add my stuff to/overwrite one of the existing Blizzard MPQs.

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
You can forget multiplayer. You are only allowed 8 MB files and WC3 does not support mods (directly).

For large projects I recommend SC2 as that does support mods.

Currently you would need to replace on of the normal game MPQs (like the patch one) to contain your data which will mean your stuff is only playable if a person does the same. Modifying game data will get you banned from battlenet so multiplayer is not possible.

You can use LAN though but that is limited in usability.