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How do you make a .gmax to .mdl/mdx

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Level 4
Feb 29, 2008
Yeah get the Dexport file from that guy, google 'magos modelling tutorial' to learn how to use it (coz dexport turns it to mdl, then u need to know what text to delete, then learn how to add your textures to the mdl file) , download yobgul's file converter to convert to .mdx .... then learn how to import the model into world editor, aswell as its texture and learn how to set the texture's path. After reading this post I think u can see it's not easy to do the first time... but yeah that magos' modelling tutorial explains pretty much all of this and how its done. 2 things to remember tho, once you get through all that....

1. Practice importing your model into a blank map, bcoz if you have screwed it up it is going to ruin the map and make it never open again

2. Once you have imported a model into WE, you need to close WE and reopen ur map for ur imports to register. Dont be fooled into thinking you have messed up when the green boxes appear :)

Hope this helps point u in the right direction, it took me forever to figure it out for myself


if you cant find yobguls then i think this prog work http://www.wc3campaigns.net/showthread.php?t=91130 you can also find alot of other editing tools on this site.
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