Help whit Gmax

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Jul 19, 2007
Thanks in advance for reading this.
Actually i got 2 issues :confused:

1. How do i change my "gmax" files to either MDL. or MDX. And Gmax can only save as "gmax" files. I cant seem to find yobguls. But as far as i can see its only MDL<>MDX (got another MDX<>MDL anyway) And if its Yobguls im looking for can somebody give me the exact link?

2. Is there no way in Gmax just to place a simple vertex where i want?
(i know there is in milkshape) and then connect them to face's?

Sorry for being such a noob :sad:

BTW if someone got a good tutorial for Gmax i would also like that
tried on "World-Editor Tutorial" But that doesn't really answer these specific questions

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1rst there's Dex Exporter, it supports both 3dsmax and Gmax. In the case of gmax, you must print to listener and copy/paste to a block file, afterwards, save the file as .mdl.

2nd There's a way in 3dsmax, which I'm not sure if Gmax supports, but in Gmax and 3dsmax we don't use those techniks. We use Edge extruding, box modelling, Nurms, among other modeling methods. A good tutorial for modeling in 3dsmax and gmax is: Modeling - Unwraping human tutorial - Wc3campaigns This tutorial should be fully compatible with gmax, because it was based on 3dsmax 4.