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how can you make an avatar type that is affected by the casting units str int and agl

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Level 3
Oct 19, 2007
ahk...but i have never used jass before how would make it that it only lasts for 180 secounds? or hyow to make it to change the attributes when the spell is cast
Level 11
Feb 22, 2006
You can just wait 180 seconds then remove the bonuses using clearBonus(). To set bonuses, call the function setBonus(). The first argument is the magnitude of the bonus, the second argument is the unit receiving the bonus, and the third argument is an integer that corresponds to the type of bonus.

0: damage
1: armor
2: hitpoints
3: mana

So, if I wanted to add a 300 hp bonus to a unit saved under variable udg_Hero, i would do:

call setBonus( 300, udg_Hero, 2 )
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