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[Trigger] Disable/Delay An Ability for All Units For Seconds After Someone Casted It???

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Level 5
Nov 6, 2014
So I have an ability that a unit can cast a spell called 'Mark of Reincarnation' to a friendly unit that gives him a buff that when it dies, after 10 seconds, a triggered effect will show then summoning a same unit of its type.

My problem is when I use 4 units at the same time to cast that spell to four other units around. The problem is that.... only one unit has been affected by that ability successfully..

My problem is how can I delay time for the ability for all units that is capable of that when one unit casts it , then over again? If I get successful from that, I might avoid bugs,

Disable / Delay Time / Set Cooldown to an ability for all other units each time it is successfully used by a certain unit. TO avoid certain spell overlapping.

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Level 12
May 22, 2015
It doesn't necessarily need dynamic unit indexing. It depends on how the trigger works. It also might be really easy by just using local variables.
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