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how can i format a usb harddrive to work with my dvd recorder

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Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
By using google to read up what format the DVD recorder needs and then formatting it so.

There might be a special program that can format disks in the way the DVD recorder expects.

However, I cannot give you any specific information as you have given us none. Such as what is the make/model of the DVD recorder.
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Mar 27, 2011
Usually devices like these need you to format it in FAT32. At least all the DVRs I know do. Try that and see if it works.

Correct. Your HDD most porbebly comes pre-formatted into NTFS. This format is usually not recognised by DVD recorders, DVD players, etc. The most compatible file system is FAT32. One thing to note about FAT32, is it will not handle single files larger than 4GB. So if you have a large blueray movie thats 4.5GB big, it will not fit on your HDD.


Windows Vista or 7 won't format a memory stick or HDD with FAT32 thats bigger than 32GB. This is a silly limitation that Microsoft put in to promote more modern file systems. You will need to download a formatting program. I haven't used third party formatting programs, but I'm sure a quick google will get you what you need.
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