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[JASS] How can I ad Keyboard Hotkeys to dialog box

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Level 2
Jun 26, 2017
I'm paying a good price to do it for me, [VIA PAYPAL ]

I have a map with a dialog box inside.
I want to use Keyboard Hotkeys For Example ("Up" then "Down") on key board to active dialog buttons for example "Gold Rate+25%".

This map have this ability for activating menu.
call Fukki_MenuActive(false,"EEE")
E = ESC , L = Arrow Left , R = Arrow Right , U = Arrow UP , D = Arrow Down

But I want to use this ability for all of button that I can see on menu.

function Fukki_Gold_Rate1 takes nothing returns nothing
local player fp2p=GetTriggerPlayer()
local integer fi2i=GetPlayerId(fp2p)
local integer fi3i=LoadInteger(fhact[1],0,1)
local integer fi4i=Fukki_Share_Player(fi2i)
call Fukki_Dialog(fi2i,30,2,"|cffffcc00FukKi CP [Gold Rate]|r",function Fukki_Gold_Rate3)
if fbact[fi4i+50]then
call Fukki_Button2(fi2i,0,30,"|cffffcc00Disable|r")
call Fukki_Button2(fi2i,1,30,"|cffffcc00"+I2S(LoadInteger(fhact[1],1,fi4i))+"%|r")
call Fukki_Button2(fi2i,2,30,"|cffffffff+"+I2S(fi3i)+"%|r")
call Fukki_Button2(fi2i,3,30,"|cffffffff-"+I2S(fi3i)+"%|r")
call Fukki_Button2(fi2i,4,30,"|cffffcc00Custom|r")
call Fukki_Button2(fi2i,5,30,"|cffffcc00Back|r")
call DialogDisplay(fp2p,fdact[fi2i+30],fbact[1])
Map file and war3map.j file are attached below.
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