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Made for modeling contest #17.

Originally I was gonna include its two evolutions but one of them wouldn't export properly and the other was unanimated (ran out of time).

Might do them later.

hoppip pokemon pokémon cat plant leaf kitty pink

Hoppip (Model)

22:01, 8th Aug 2010 General Frank: Works ingame. Approved.




22:01, 8th Aug 2010
General Frank:

Works ingame. Approved.
more stuff for you

- The same model but with all animations linearized. It's 100 KB smaller but I think some of the animations look like crap. Up to you which one to choose.
- The .max file. Feel free to do what you want with this, I don't really care. (made in max 2009)
- A test map
- Ingame screenshot


  • just Hoppip.max
    976 KB · Views: 207
  • Hoppip optimized linear.mdx
    125.7 KB · Views: 199
lol? no page?


Dude please make more pokemon models they are rare :S

I might

the ones I will make I'll export for SC2 once blizz releases their art tools for it. Though if anyone wants to give it a shot with the 3rd party export thing, go ahead.
Level 5
May 13, 2010
Hoppi~p ! :D

Awesome animations , it really fits the comic look of the model and the pokemon itself.